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The Indigenous People of the Caribbean
by Samuel M. Wilson

The publisher, UNIVERSITY PRESS OF FLORDIA, January 30, 1998
"An excellent introduction to native peoples of the Caribbean region . . . . Will be useful to anthropologists, historians, and other social scientists working in the Caribbean."-Jerald T. Milanich, Florida Museum of Natural History.

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Afro-Creole : Power, Opposition, and Play in the Caribbean
by Richard D. E. Burton

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This wide-ranging book explores the origins, development, and character of Afro-Caribbean cultures from the slave period to the present day. Richard D. E. Burton focuses on ways in which African traditions--including those in religion, music, food, dress, and family structure--were transformed by interaction with European and indigenous forces to create the particular cultures of Jamaica, Trinidad, and Haiti. He demonstrates how the resulting Afro-Creole cultures have both challenged and reinforced the social, political, and economic status quo in these countries.

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