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In Association with

In association with

by James A. Michener

Now in paperback, the novel spent 22 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list--Caribbean. From the time of the first explorers to the present problems with Castro's Cuba, from primitive sea battles through two world wars, from doomed passions to black magic to racial hatreds, all of the passion and power of the Caribbean are captured in magnificent Michener style. HC: Random House.

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Desiring Paradise... a true story of succumbing to the dream
by Karin W. Schlesinger

Book Description
Many people toy with the idea of packing up their lives and moving to a remote island in the tropics. This book relates the hilarious tale of two middle-class New Englanders who succumbed to that dream.

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Voyage to the Island
by Raija Nieminen

A fun read , December 7, 1999
Reviewer: Christine from seattle, wa
This is the true story of a late-deafened woman, her hearing husband and two sons who move from Finland to the Carribean for two years. The book reads a bit like a diary; with day to day humor and struggle of being in a new culture, trying to figure things out, and feeling isolated from the deaf community and family back home. That's when Raija meets the American Peace Corps volunteer and his newly opened deaf school. She teaches children (age 12-16) their first language, and eventually takes one child into her home. This book is an interesting look at language aquisition, and also the power of community. Anyway, it's just a light and enjoyable read.